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Most probably you’ve visited our site since you are interested in this remote tropical island – Bali. This is truly an amazing place, but often people have absolutely no idea what to expect from this island. Here , I will try to give comprehensive information on the Indonesian island of Bali, which will be useful for the tourists coming for holidays for a couple of weeks and for those who plan to move here to live. I hope that EasyBali will help you to understand whether you should visit this wonderful island or better should go to other places of our planet.

On this site you will find information about all aspects of life and holidays in Bali – from general information about the island and prices for various things to descriptions of the most interesting sights. I’ll tell you about the best beaches, most popular restaurants and trendy clubs. You’ll learn about where to stay in Bali which supermarkets and department stores are best to buy food and clothing in. Also I provide important information about the transport on the island. You can also find useful information about the different types of visas, how to get them and renew them.

The information provided here is updated regularly, so that the prices for accommodation, house rentals, food and transportation remain relevant. In the news section you will always find fresh and important news concerning the island of Bali. I want to be sure that regular visitors of my website will always be aware of the latest events and trends.

If you are interested in something that you cannot find on my site – welcome to the Questions and Answers section on Bali, where you can ask me about any topic related to Bali and receive a satisfactory answer. Also I have a small request to all of you – please tell me about all the inaccuracies or errors that you notice on my site. You can contact me with all your questions and issues using the form at this page – Contact Me

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