Bali Travel Guide

So here comes the most important advice for those who primarily travel to Bali for a beach holiday. In my opinion, if you’ve already decided to fly so far from home, you should choose some other destination if you are mostly interested in magnificent top-notch beaches. Of course, there beaches in Bali and about three of them are even very good, but they are actually not the best in the world in comparison with the Maldives or, for example, the Philippines. Nevertheless, here you can find information about the best beaches in Bali.

Fortunately, a small number of good beaches offset by many other things that you experience during your Bali trip, due to which thousands of people returning to this wonderful place again and again.

So what does this relatively small Indonesian island has to offer?

First of all, it is certainly an extraordinary exotic culture which is closely interwoven and the unique religion of the inhabitants of Bali. Nowhere in the world you can find so many temples that are literally strewn all over the island. Each day you can witness the colorful ceremonies and no doubt that you can feel the unforgettable magic of this island. Here you can find detailed information about the most famous temples and palaces of Bali, which are worth a visit in the first place, as well some interesting information about unusual religion of the island.

Secondly, the island Bali has got worldwide recognition for travelers because of the true magic of tropical nature. Here you will find pristine areas of lush jungles, stunning mountain lakes, the majestic volcano and the stunning coastal cliffs where ocean waves break. In Bali you can see the full-flowing waterfalls and the famous rice terraces that can’t be found anywhere else in Asia. If you want to get a little adrenaline rush or test yourself you can try white water rafting on mountain rivers in Bali or you can climb to the Mount Agung. If you enjoy snorkeling or diving, then in Bali you will find plenty of places where you can dive under the water and appreciate the rich underwater world. Descriptions of all these natural wonders you can find in this section.

Another one of the indisputable merits of Bali is a huge number of hotels and guesthouses. Here you can easily find accommodation option that suits your needs and budget. In Bali, there are luxury hotels of world famous chains and luxurious private villas which can be rented for any period. On the other hand, if you are on the budget and your cash is limited, you can find a very good accommodation with air conditioning and swimming pool within 150-300 thousand Indonesian rupees per day, depending on the area. I will try to give some useful advices on accommodation of various price categories in all parts of the island of Bali.

Regarding eating options Bali offers not less extensive choice. In Bali you will find restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world. If you like to try something new, then you will have the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the Balinese and Indonesian cuisine in a small local eateries called warungs. Prices for food in Bali are much lower than in Europe and lower for about 20% than in some other Asian countries, for example, Thailand.


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