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So, the first way to search a house or villa is the Internet. Do not even try to search a house using search engines, the best that thin that you may find is one of the following sites. Basically, you will just find some agencies that offer rental at 2-3-4 times more expensive rates. Below you can find a list of those websites where relevant ads are actually published. Very often these ads are published by the owners, which ensures that you will not overpay to some agent and even agents tend to publish reasonable offers there.

The best resource for finding proposals for lease or sale of real estate in Bali is certainly Bali Advertiser – newspaper in English, published mainly for expats. The newspaper is published every two weeks, and the site is updated accordingly with the same frequency. I advise to ring round favorite proposals immediately after you get the new edition of the newspaper, for obvious reasons.

The world-famous web site Craiglist has the real estate section for Jakarta but often possible to find private posts about houses and villas lease in Bali (see location in brackets next page). Naturally, there are much less offers than in the Advertayzere Bali, but I saw some very good options at a great price, so do not forget about this resource.

Bali Advertising is another site where you can find listings for rental housing. However, from time to time this site gets a loads of spam, but the owner is usually promptly cleans up everything. Besides there are frequently published advertisements from villa rental agencies but it is easy to separate them from the ads published by the owners.

Global site Olx also has a section on a real estate in Bali. The downside of this site is a huge number of agents that are spamming their proposals several times a day, so you will have to spend some time to find anything worthwhile. Another shortcoming of this site, is that some ads are published in the Indonesian language.

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