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If you didn’t find suitable offer on the Internet, you need to start looking for a house offline. The first place you should visit is Cafe Moka. There several Mokas in Bali, but you need the one that is in Seminyak. This is very famous cafe among expats and it has very popular message board where you can see up to 30-40 proposals for houses or villas rental. Most often, these ads are placed by the owners and you can find some really great options there. Ads can be updated almost every day, but sometimes the board is completely clogged and cafe owners don’t allow to put a new proposal for some time.

Until recently, there was another one very popular place to advertise real estate offers – small place named Krakatoa Business Center, which was located on the border of Legian and Seminyak. However, in December 2010 they were closed. There was the announcement on the door about the move and a new address was provided, I personally couldn’t found that new location. If someone has information about their new address – please contact me and I’ll post that information here.

If you couldn’t find accommodation using methods described above, you have to go around their areas you are interested in and carefully look for announcements about houses and villas rentals. If you want to rent a villa – it is much easier, the announcement can hang on almost every corner, also you can ask in restaurants and shops about villas that are available in the area and often some interesting options can be suggested. If you want to find some cheap house, it will likely have to drive around many narrow alleys looking for ads, and be prepared for the fact that not all owners will speak English, so if you have friends who speak Indonesian language – they would be very helpful. Despite the fact that this method is rather difficult, it is likely that you will find a house at a much lower price comparing to offers in the Internet or cafe Moka.

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