Amed Area

In fact, Amed is rather big area consisting of several villages (Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas.) village Amed itself is only one small settlement on the coast. At this point, the district Amed is one of the most quiet and undeveloped parts of the island of Bali. Tourism development began here only recently, so here you can still catch the charm that Kuta and Sanur had long time ago. Life in Amed is slow and quiet. The main occupation of local people is fishing so you can see traditional fishing boats all along the coast of Amed.

You can get to Amed by two roads from Candidasa. The trip by the main road takes about an hour and if you want to follow the bypass road, winding along the coast, then be prepared for the fact that it is in very poor condition. If you have enough time and you are confident in your driving skills it’s worth to travel by that secondary road so you can see the little Balinese villages and enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and mountains. If you go by the main road it is possible to visit one of the water palaces of Bali – Tirta Ganga, as well as see the beautiful rice fields on the way to Amed.

Keep in mind that without your own transport it is hard to go around Amed because public transport is almost non-existent and traveling on foot will not work because of long distances. Amed is not like other areas of Bali, it is stretched out along the coast for about ​​10-12 kilometers.

The main reason for tourists and travelers to come to Amed is, of course, snorkeling and diving. In this part of Bali, corals haven’t been destroyed and are still in excellent condition. In addition, during the Second World War American transport ship Liberty was torpedoed by Japanese and sank here. These days it is a popular spot for divers.

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