Western part of Bukit peninsula has the biggest number of great beaches in Bali. Most of them are not quite suitable for swimming due to big waves and dangerous rocks on the water.  However it is world-famous paradise for experienced surfers.

Balangan Beach
Balangan is one of the best beaches on the island of Bali, which, in addition, is visited by not so many tourists, perhaps because of the fact that it is quite difficult to find. In order to get to the Balangan beach you will need to turn right at the Nirmala supermarket. After following about 6-5 kms down the road you should look for sign “Balangan”. Besides excellent sand and a popular surfing spot you’ll find a few local cafes and several low cost bungalows, where you can stay for a night.

Dreamland beach
Previously, Dreamland beach was one of the best in this part of the island, but after development started here and hotels and a golf course were built the big part of the beach was ruined. It is still possible to ride a board and if you walk on the far right side of the beach you can find the best piece of the beach there.  However the central part of the beach is quite an ugly place now you can find crowds of people and some garbage that no one cleans.

Bingin beach
Small surfing beach located on south of Dreamland. The road isn’t good at all here and you should look for the sign “Bingin Surf” or better ask some locals for the way. Be prepared for the fact that the road from the parking may not be very comfortable because of rocks. However, the beach and ocean front views are worth visiting it.

Padang-Padang beach
Very nice beach suitable for surfing and swimming, relaxed atmosphere and excellent views on the ocean waves. During the high tide the sand stripe is greatly reduced, but there is still enough space. Located in the south from Bingin beach

Suluban beach
This surfing beach is situated on the east from Padang-Padang beach. During low tide the water can go away for more than 100 meters, so swimming during this time is simply impossible. Only few tourists besides surfers come here.

Nyang-Nyang beach
One more famous surfing beach, which is located in the southwestern part of the Bukit Peninsula. You should be ready for the bad road and for really big waves. Swimming is definitely not recommended here but it is nice place even if you are not surfing.

Uluwatu beach
One of the most popular beaches among experienced surfers. It is quite difficult to climb down to the beach itself, so you can just enjoy the ocean views while sitting in some warung at the top. Swimming here is impossible due to rocks in the water and big waves

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