Candidasa Area

Candidasa is a small resort town located in south-eastern part of Bali, about hour and a half drive from the airport. This is a great place if you want to relax in a quiet place or just want to do some snorkeling or even diving. Candidasa is located along the ocean coast, but in contrast to the western and southern parts there are almost no waves and besides lots of seawalls are built on the coast providing additional protection from high waves. Almost all hotels and restaurants are built along both sides of the road running along the coast, so you have the choice to stay on the coast or closer to the mountains.

The best way to movie around Candidasa is on foot since bigger part of this town is spread on the territory of no more than 2 kilometers. In the heart of Candidasa you can see a pond with many water lilies and lotuses. Several 4 and 3 star hotel and many restaurants are built around that lagoon. Here you also you can find one of the two ATMs in Candidasa.

You can experience really great snorkeling In Candidasa, here you can hire a fishing boat for snorkeling or fishing if you want. Boat rental for 3-4 hours will cost you 150-200 thousands Indonesian rupiahs. If you’re a fan of diving, or just want to get a certificate, you can contact one of the local diving centers and take a PADI course.

Besides snorkeling, you can devote 1-2 days to sightseeing since many amazing places hardly visited by tourists are located nearby. The fact that they are not crowded makes them even more attractive to those who do not like noisy tourists. You can learn more about attractions what you can visit near the Candidasa in the separate section of our guide.

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