Here is the most important advice regarding one of the most renowned beaches in Bali. Do not believe what you can be told in travel agencies or what is written in even some respectable travel guides about the Kuta beach. Probably 6 or 7 years ago, one could say that it is relatively good beach, but at this point, it this stretch of sand is a just a big dump, especially after heavy rains. However, please note that several hotels in the Tuban area have their own newly created artificial beaches with sea wall, make it possible to swim. These artificial beaches are naturally much cleaner comparing to the public beach of Kuta, but, nevertheless, they aren’t as good as described. Earlier the beach of Kuta was, indeed very convenient place to learn to surf, but now not everyone would want to go into the water that is full of plastic bags and other garbage. Local authorities are doing some pathetic attempts to clean Kuta beach, sometimes even with the help of bulldozers. However usually they just make huge piles of garbage that are not taken for several days. Also you have to remember that there are always big waves on this coast of Bali that make swimming without a surf or bodyboard simply impossible. Nevertheless, there are still quite a lot of people the beach and you can rent a surfboard, buy water, soda, fruit and cold beer here.

The only time when Kuta beach is really worth visiting is a sunset, especially if you have a chance to watch it during the low tide when the sun goes down in the ocean waves and reflects on the long strip of wet sand. Lot of tourists and locals including many loving couples come to the Kuta beach to see the sunset. Besides it is pretty nice here at night, the only time when there are almost no people here.

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