Night Clubs

Nightlife in Bali usually starts late at night, so keep in mind that until 12 o’clock at night you can hardly find any people in club.

Bounty (Bounty Ship)
Bounty is the noisiest and most crowed club in Kuta. All the fun starts from 12 o’clock. Crowds of drunken Australians, as well as locals dance and drink all night long. Large selection of cocktails and cheap beer makes this place even more popular.

One of the oldest and most famous nightclubs in Bali. There is always a nice atmosphere and reasonable prices for alcohol. Many clubbers usually come here after visiting the Bounty. The busiest hours are after two o’clock in the morning and the fun continues until five in the morning.

Sky Garden
Another popular three-story nightclub, which is worth a visit. It starts to get crowded after 12 o’clock at night as well.

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