Legian Area

Legian is located between the area of ​​Kuta on the south (the border runs down the street Jalan Melasti) and Seminyak in the north (Double Six / Jalan Arjuna). There is the largest number of mid-market hotel in this area and this area is much quieter than the neighbor Kuta. Nevertheless, in the south central part of Legian you will find lots of cheap crowded bars and quite good restaurants offering diverse cuisine. In the part that is closer to Seminyak, there is almost no noisy night life, so that is the place to stop for those who want to live in a relatively quiet location but close to good restaurants and close to the nightlife. You can expect to pay around of 500.000 to 900.000 IDR per night for a good hotel of middle category. Also there are more expensive and comfortable hotels in Legian. These ones are mainly located along the beach, and separated from it only with a pedestrian road. Most expensive restaurants and bars are concentrated there and from time to time you can see wedding ceremonies there. The beach here is absolutely the same as in Kuta.  At the moment Bali authorities cannot cope with garbage on the beach so it is all trashy. During the daytime and until the sunset you can sit back and relax in so called “bars” on the Legian beach.  You can sit on plastic chairs in the shade of a large beach umbrella and have a cold drink beer at 15.000 rupiahs per bottle here. For more details you can read about the Legian Beach here.

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