Legian beach is not too much different from the beach in Kuta, so you should not expect anything good. For several years, the beach has been really pathetic and it isn’t any good for fans of nice clean sand. Of course many surfers, especially the Australians, not too worried about plastic bags, cigarette butts and other garbage, but those who want to swim and sunbathe, can find much more beautiful and clean beaches in other areas of Bali. Perhaps the only advantage of this beach is a large number of small so called “bars” on the sand where you can always drink a cold beer or eat cheap fruits. Just on the other side of the pedestrian road that runs along the beach there are a few expensive restaurants and bars overlooking the ocean. They have good design and provide excellent service. It makes sense to come here at sunset to make great pictures (if you are lucky with the sunset). Hopefully in the near future local authorities will finally decide to bring this beach in the normal state, though of course there are little chances for that.

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