Previously, it was one of the cheapest and definitely the best restaurant specializing in seafood. Now they have raised prices, but still not too much to forget about this place. You must try the chili crab for sure!

Puri Bali Indah
Delicious Chinese food, amazing pork in soy sauce and excellent Chinese seafood. Large choice of meals and moderate prices

The most famous German restaurant in Bali. This place is so famous and popular that works around the clock. They even produce tasty meat delicacies under the same brand, so I do not advise you to skip this restaurant by any means.

Santa Fe
Another restaurant that operates in Legian for a very long time. Delicious steaks and live music in the evening.

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant
Thai chain restaurant with authentic cuisine, if you like Tom Yam and other Thai dishes, then you should definitely visit this place.

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