Sanur Area

The ​​Sanur area is located in the south-eastern part of the Bali island. Sanur is one of the oldest resort areas of the island and it is especially popular among families with children and elderly tourists. Despite the large number of hotels and restaurants here, Sanur is very different from, for example, Kuta. It is much quieter and slow, there is enough place to walk around. The general prices level is higher comparing to Kuta, but lower than in Seminyak or Nusa Dua. It is possible to say that Sanur has changed not so much over the past few years. The pace of development of this area is much slower than in other parts of the southern part Bali.

The main street of Sanur is Danau Tamblingan where a lot of travel agencies, exchange offices, restaurants and hotel are concentrated here. Also it is the best place to catch a taxi or to find a driver or rent a scooter.

Sanur Beach area is not the best in Bali, but from here you can get on the small island of Lembongan, which is known for its beaches, diving and snorkeling. Once a year, in July you can witness a very famous kite festival because the beach and the wind here is perfect for this entertainment.

If you are interested in arts, you can visit the Le Mayeur Museum and the most famous art gallery in Sanur – Gallery Santrian

Sanur area is also popular among expats. This is because of well-developed infrastructure, peaceful atmosphere and proximity to international school.

In general, Sanur can be recommend, for those who prefer quite resorts who consider that good restaurants and infrastructure is more important than a perfect beach.


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