Restaurants located along Oberoi/Laksmana street

One of the best Italian restaurants in Bali, excellent menu and surprisingly low prices. It is not hard to guess that it is not so easy to find a place here in the evening, despite the large number of tables. So either you have to wait 20-40 minutes at the bar or you should book well in advance.

This place belongs to the owners as Ultimo, so part of the menu is almost the same. The dining area is much smaller and please note that this place is just as popular as Ultimo.

This place offers Japanese cuisine, as well as Korean barbeque and healthy hotpots. I advise you to try the hotpot with seafood and two soups – Tom Yam and kimchi.

Great Greek restaurant with wonderful meat meals and healthy salads. Average prices and great lamb.

Bali Bakery
Well known Balinese chain restaurant, large selection of meals, prices are slightly above average.

Restaurants in other parts of Seminyak

Café Seminyak
This small restaurant, situated next to Bintang supermarket is very well known among expats. Here you can enjoy great burgers, sandwiches, as well as many other delicious and healthy meals from a large menu. Excellent option to go for a lunch if you are going shopping in the supermarket

Made’s Warung
This is probably the most famous restaurant with Balinese and Indonesian cuisine on the island. Prices are slightly above average and but the quality is excellent. This is a good option to try the local cuisine for those who consider that both good service and interior design are important.

Queen’s Tandoor
Really good Indian restaurant, prices are slightly higher than the Gateway of India.

Rio Grill
Nice Brazilian grill restaurant. Large selection of meat dishes that cooked over an open fire. Prices are above average.

Moka Café
One of the most popular and oldest coffee shops in Seminyak. Many expats and those who came to Bali for a long time come here. They have delicious breakfasts with freshly prepared sandwiches and perfect coffee. They have their own bakery and there is a take away option for fresh bread and cakes.

Cabe Rawit
Tasty cooked Indonesian cuisine at low prices. An excellent place to sample authentic Indonesian cuisine. Be careful with the spicy sauce that is served with all the ordered meals.

Bale Bali
Great restaurant with fantastic Chinese food. Excellent duck, as well as beef in oyster sauce. There is a jazz band on Thursdays, so I advise you to visit the Bale Bali on one of those days.

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