Weather in Bali

Since Bali is located very close to the equator, the average temperature is about the same all year round – about 32-34 degrees during the day and about 24-28 at the nighttime. It is believed that from December to February in Bali is the rainy season in Bali and the dry season lasts from May to September, but due to global changes in weather frequent rains are possible in summer and winter time and weather also can be great during the raining season. So, it is rather the case of luck. Within one day the rain can give way to sunshine for several times, but most often rain begins after 16.00-17.00, so it is reasonable to plan trips for the first half of the day. It is much colder in the mountainous areas of Bali, especially during or after rain, so when you are going to a mountain lake or mountain temples don’t forget to bring a sweater or jacket, just in case. If you decide to rent a scooter, then I recommend you to buy a raincoat and always carry it with you. All the locals do that and that is a really nice idea.

The sun in Bali is very strong, so even if you do not feel the heat due to sea breezes you should take care of your skin. For newcomers, I recommend to use sunblock with a factor of protection of at least 50. Even if you think you’ve already tanned, it is still necessary to use the sunblock – you can easily get sun burns even after several months of stay in Bali.

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